Poczuj Adrenalinę z Souvre!

Sporty ekstremalne stają się coraz bardziej popularne. Jest to związane z kilkoma czynnikami, począwszy od zwiększonego wydzielania poziomu adrenaliny, a skończywszy na pozytywnych aspektach polegających na poprawie ogólnego samopoczucia.

Zatrzymajmy się na chwilę nad tym, jak działa adrenalina. W sytuacji, gdy musimy wykonać trudne zadanie, w naszym organizmie następuje automatyczny wyrzut adrenaliny, która aktywizuje cały organizm do działania na najwyższych obrotach. W hormonie tym zamknięta jest moc, z której w sytuacji stresującej możemy zrobić użytek. Sporty ekstremalne dostarczają niesamowitych wrażeń, które na długo pozostają w naszej pamięci. Firma Souvre Internationale, aby zapewnić wyróżniającym się Partnerom wiele pozytywnych doznań, stworzyła program Adrenalina z Souvre.

Niezapomniane wrażenia w blasku słońca

W okresie letnim wachlarz aktywności, które będą nagrodami w tym programie, zostanie wzbogacony o nowe propozycje, takie jak: hoverboard, skoki ze spadochronem, paralotnia i motolotnia. Jeśli chodzi o sporty wodne, to warto wspomnieć o water jet pack i flyboard. Wszystkie próby podjęte przez laureatów zostaną utrwalone na zdjęciach i filmikach, które będzie można obejrzeć na profilach w mediach społecznościowych marki Souvre Internationale. Zdaniem Partnerów Souvre Adrenalina z Souvre motywuje do jeszcze bardziej wytężonej pracy w branży marketingu społecznościowego. I właśnie o to chodzi!

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  1. did you read nesta’s piece yet? frightening writing skills but it might be interesting to do an historical monologue say Greg Chappell talking to Donald Bradman about Richie Benaud vis a vis apadaheirtny ideas for a scene?

  2. Po raz pierwszy spotykam się z firmą, która wychodzi naprzeciw oczekiwaniom młodych Partnerów, którzy nie boją się wyzwań, nie tylko biznesowych 😉

  3. The first time I ever heard this piece was years ago. I almost cried. For years I’ve been asking people if they knew what it was called whenever I remember it, and no one knew the name. I never imagined that today I’d find out. I still feel the same. Thanks for uploading this.

  4. "Another indication of this suppression of Freedom of Speech in the US, is that I could order a copy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's '200 years together' in an ordinary conservative book mail-order shop in Germany.Apparently his book is not available in the US."Jewish publishers won't publish it and non-Jewish ones won't do it out of fear of being blacklisted by Jewish dominated media.

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  11. I hope you have a wonderful time, Shannon! I know you will. It's amazing how quickly time passes, isn't it…not seeing family for two years? How wonderful that you will spend some time with Mom and Dad. I hope your knee doesn't bother you too much while you are there. Blessings for a safe trip- xo Diana

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  14. Adrenalina z Souvre to dopiero przygoda! Dostępne w sieci opinie o Souvre potwierdzają, że to biznes godny polecenia.

  15. Wakacje sprzyjają przygodom, również tym ekstremalnym. Chętnie wezmę udział w programie motywacyjnym Adrenalina z Souvre. Liczę na dobrą zabawę!

  16. i’m ok to be paid for my article by whoever it is; but unfortunately no sir. No body paid me @guru: I did vote. I agree with you 100% that unless we, the educated crowd, start to be different India will remain as is (or probably go worse). Thanks for your comment

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  20. Sharon, Thank you for your kind and supportive words.I’m not only blessed to have a nice relationship with my mother, but also by the beautiful souls I have met on this journey, you being one of them. You inspire me.

  21. A couple of comments:1) Althouse is not a „Dr.” She is a lawyer, not a PhD or MD.2) I don’t understand how calling someone „tubby” is sexist. Juvenile, yes. Obnoxious, yes. But what sexism has to do with that I have no idea.3) Of course feminists are sexist, just as advocates of affirmative action are racist. The problem arises when one’s entire worldview is encompassed by one’s pet issue. If you see the entire world through the lens of male-female relationships how can you be anything but sexist?! Your entire perspective is informed by sex.

  22. The Internet knows him from way back. He’s even been on VH1′s list that basically translates to “people who would be flipping burgers at MacDonald’s were it not for me (the Internet)” back when Perez Hilton was less of an a-hole. And more of an ass, but only ’cause he’s lost weight.

  23. The interesting problem, at least for HBD students, is the fraction of Chinese people who score two SDs or above the median IQ score ie the super-smart fraction with IQ's in the 130 plus range, the kind who make great inventions or start up great institutions. This fraction will have a big influence on the PRC's chances for global hegemony.Does anyone have some reliable stats on this?

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  30. Pbrain makes my point. He realizes the foolishness of comparing today’s issues with the birth of our nation and he can’t admit his misuse of google. So he attempts to turn tables and make it about me. Maybe it should be gutless Pbrain.

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  38. about your child not being perfect because you are not a perfect parent. It all boils down to what's perfect right? You're doing a great job, recognising the root of what the problem seemed to have been. I too am guilty about reprimanding before addressing why they were behaving such and such. And sometimes, (most times!) all the needed was a cuddle (ie attention) from me!! 🙂 aaaah..so simple..yet so hard!

  39. Je suis de l’avis d’Ossiane , et je suis ravi de te revoir parmi nous ! Et ta réponse , moi aussi, le blog m’a aidé ou même des amitiés se sont tisées il y des personnes que je vois souvent et qui sont devenue des amis comme quoi …Amitié UU

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  44. , I did respond to what you wrote about insecurity and putting out because it’s all you have to give that’s seen of being of worth. In a society where we’re all told to be insecure about everything, no wonder sex holds such a different place in society than it does now. Granted, I wish that sex weren’t taboo, and that we were a responsible and permissive culture, but also that it were a gift again, even if it’s just between friends. Instead, if it is indeed the only thing of value a teenage girl feels she has to offer, then it’s no wonder that it remains mysterious and shameful.

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  48. Bullshit. If that were true, only the EU governmental body could bring true health care price controls to Europe. Only a world governing body could bring true health savings to the population of the world…There are rational and sane smaller systems that have proven effective. Canada, though large in land mass, is a population the size of Orange County. Amazing how deep the brain washing is. Only private organizations can solve this. Right …..Hopefully you are joking about both of the above statements.Canada’s population is about the same size as California’s 33-34 million.

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  51. I prefer the overall “look” of the every-block version, but I agree that the quilting would really pop on the alternate-block version. Still, I get a “regimented” feel from that one that I don't get from the top one; I really like that top version; I don't think it's too busy at all.

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  55. NOOOO NOT ALL THINGS HAVE TO COME TO AN END i hate endings i have come to love the series its definately one of my favorites and since you are one of my favorite authors and i love your writing style i am sure i will love this new series Soooo thanks for writing the series i cant wait for the book wait i can i dont want it too end!Sadie

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  220. I wish I had your mother’s ability to lose shit at people, she may be unpleasant to be around for the initial delivery, but it gets shit done. I just had a massive leak in my apartment (the landlord’s fault) and I spent three days trying to be calm and reasonable before I finally lost it and started breathing fire at the Sgt. Schultz who works the front desk. And you know what? Not ten minutes after I started yelling, I was speaking to the boss and actually getting shit taken care of.

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